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    Introduction to Rotomshop UK

    Rotomshop UK is part of the Rotom Group and the e-commerce specialist for logistics resources on the web. The Rotom Group is internationally active with 15 branches in 9 European countries. Every day, 400 enthusiastic employees are busy facilitating logistical resources for customers in Europe. By ordering from Logistiek Online you profit from the purchasing power of the Rotom Group and you receive good quality products.


    Pallets are indispensable for the storage and transport of goods. has the right pallet for all types of goods. Choose from a wide range of both plastic pallets and wooden pallets in various designs that can be delivered directly from stock. All our pallets meet the latest quality requirements and guidelines. You are always assured of quality pallets.

    You will find the following categories in our range:

    - EPAL euro pallets
    - Single-Use pallets
    - Chemical pallets
    - Plastic pallets
    - Wood fibre pallets

    Not sure which type of pallet you need? Then please contact us. We can give you personal advice about the type of pallets and quantities.

    Pallet Collars

    With pallet collars you can easily turn your pallet into a box or a box, so your goods or products can be securely packaged during transport or storage. has a wide range of wooden pallet edges and plastic pallet edges and metal add-on walls. Almost all of our add-on edges and walls are stackable and can when they are not used, be folded or folded. Because you can fold or fold the pallet edges, this is a system where you can save a lot of money compared to traditional pallet boxes, especially during return transport or storage, if you do not use the pallet edges. Our wooden pallet edges comply with the ISPM-15 directive, which makes them suitable for export outside the EU. Whatever pallet edges you are looking for, you will find them at Rotomshop UK.

    Warehouse Storage

    With a good warehouse layout, you can store and transport your goods efficiently and safely. When choosing your warehouse layout, the available space, the nature of the goods and the logistics process are important. has a range of warehouse equipment selected with the utmost care.

    This range consists of the following items:

    Post Pallet Storage Systems
    Shelf Racks
    Cantilever Racks
    Drip Trays

    Mobile Storage Systems

    Within the range of stacking racks or mobile racks, you will find big bag stacking racks and stacking racks for pallets or long goods.

    Shelf racks / Cantilever Racks
    You can use shelf racks or cantilever racks to set up your warehouse or garage. In the standard shelf racks, you can store small items such as trays with screws or tools and the shelf rack with drip trays is intended for storing small trays or vessels with liquids, so that you have guaranteed safety in the event of a small leak. Cantilever racks from our range are ideal for storing long items such as carpet rolls, long wood or scaffolding material.

    Drip Trays
    For safe and environmentally conscious storage of liquids in large barrels or jerry cans, Rotomshop UK has an extensive range of drip trays and retention containers.

    Warehouse Transport

    Warehouse trolleys are used for internal transport in almost every warehouse and every workplace. has an extensive range of pallet trucks, hand trucks and dollys. With our pallet trucks, stackers and lifting tables you can move pallets and other loads safely and efficiently. Especially for internal distribution or order collection, we have a particularly extensive range of hand trucks, platform cars, dolly cars and carts. You will find a suitable platform trolley, shelf trolley or table trolley for almost every application at This means Rotomshop UK has a wide and complete range of products that facilitate your internal logistics processes.

    Roll Containers and Cages

    Roll containers are a standard tool in every logistics process in warehouses, production locations and stores. In short, wherever the distribution of goods takes place, roll containers and rolling platforms are used. supplies various types of roll containers for various applications. With us, you will find 2 sided, 3 sided and 4 sided roll containers in various sizes. We also supply nestable roll containers and order picking roll containers. We have our range of anti-theft roll containers, especially for valuable goods. Our roll containers are available with push-in gates or clamp gates and plastic or metal bases. With handy accessories such as roll container covers, shelves, textile straps and a particularly extensive range of self-assembled wheels.

    Roll Container Covers

    In our range of roll container covers, you will find a few types of covers for roll containers that are transparent and single-use, but we also have two models of covers for roll containers that are not transparent and white in colour. This allows us to provide you with any type of cover for roll containers and whether it is a roll container cover that is transparent or not transparent, both of these types are for single use. We have 3 models of roll container covers that can be used multiple times and that is the isothermal cover for roll containers and the high-quality white protective covers for roll containers that are provided with 2 zippers.

    Plastic Boxes and Containers

    Plastic boxes and containers are not only used for the transport or storage of goods and products but are also practical for sorting products, archiving documents or collecting orders. has an extensive range of plastic boxes and crates for your warehouse, workshop, production line or office. In our range, you will find both fixed and collapsible plastic pallet boxes and associated accessories. You will find distribution boxes, rotary stacking bins, bracket bins, Euro standard bins, folding crates and KLT bins for the automotive industry in a wide variety of sizes and designs. Whatever plastic container you are looking for, you will find it at

    Metal Boxes

    Metal boxes are used in many warehouses and workshops for internal transport and storage of various goods, such as in the automotive and installation industry. In addition, metal wire folding boxes are also used for shipping and export. The use of metal boxes is sustainable and socially responsible, after all, metal boxes can be used multiple times. supplies metal boxes in various sizes. You will find DIN and EPAL-certified stillages, wire containers and metal stacking bins in various sizes. Our metal add-on walls are also handy to use, allowing you to flexibly create a metal box on a wooden or plastic pallet. At Rotomshop UK you will find exactly the metal box that fits your business needs.