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Hand pallet trucks in our range are known by various names: pump truck, pallet trucks or hand pallet trucks and are very important for the logistics process in your warehouse. We supply different models of pallet trucks to make your internal transport run more efficiently. Our pallet trucks are distinguished from each other in terms of load capacity, fork length and wheel types. This puts the goal of a pallet truck at the centre of our range: lifting and moving goods in a warehouse, truck, workshop or store. A pallet truck makes internal transport easier, faster but above all more efficient.

Our powerful pump trucks meet all ergonomic requirements and at the same time are simple and durable to use, because we know from experience that ergonomics play an important role in your warehouse or workshop so that your staff remains safe. A pallet truck is useful as an aid to safely lift and move stock in bulk.


There are various types of pallet trucks for sale. Below we have listed the most popular variants for you (you will not find them all in our assortment):

- Hand Pallet Truck: a hand pallet truck is especially useful when the transport distances are short, you take it to a delivery location, the weight of the load is limited so that it can be handled manually. All our hand pallet trucks have 3 positions (lifting, neutral, lowering) and are very easy to use. In addition, a hand pallet truck is more compact and lighter than electric models. The advantages of this are: more convenient in small spaces, such as a warehouse full of pallets, a store, workshop or truck that delivers on location.

- Electric Pallet Truck: An electric pallet truck is ideal for larger warehouses where transport distances and loads are greater. These pallet trucks are equipped with an electric motor that is driven by a rechargeable battery and thus controls the driving or lifting of the load. Electric pallet trucks are a lot more expensive and difficult to maintain than hand pallet trucks, but they are ergonomically better and you or your staff can work with them faster and more efficiently.

- High-lift Pump Wagon: with our high-lift pump wagon you encourage working in a good position without additional physical strain on your staff. The goods can be placed at an ergonomic working height.

- Hand Pallet Truck with Scale: to save you time and space, we have a hand pallet truck with integrated scale. If you use this hand pallet truck it is not necessary to move the pallets to a fixed scale so that you can save time and space in your warehouse to know how heavy a certain load is.


As you can see, we have different types of pallet trucks in our range. But which one is suitable for your company? We are happy to help you on the way to more efficient internal transport with the following decision aid:

- Load capacity: this is the first important consideration for what are you going to use the pallet truck for? The pallet trucks on Rotomshop UK have a minimum load capacity of 2000 kilograms and a maximum of 2500 kilograms. The high-lifting pump wagon can lift up to 1000 kilograms.

- Ergonomics: is the hand pallet truck used every day? Or with many repetitive actions, such as in a modern supply chain? Then opt for an ergonomic pallet truck such as the high-lift pump wagon or the pump wagon with scales.

- Material wheels: are you going to use the pallet truck indoors or outdoors? The material of the wheels is important. If you will often use the pallet truck outside, it is important that you opt for softer PU (polyurethane) wheels for the sake of comfort, because this gives a silent and low rolling resistance. Choose nylon wheels if you need chemical resistance. A pallet truck needs the right wheels to optimally perform to your wishes. The choice of single wheels is particularly interesting for use on slippery floors and with small turning circles. Solid rubber wheels are silent, comfortable and equipped with a soft tread.

- Application: pallet trucks are interesting for different industries. The first thing you think of is a warehouse, workshop, store or truck with a tail lift. Also, think of the food industry or the pharmaceutical industry. Even in the furniture sector or hardware stores, pallet trucks also have added value for the movement of goods.

- Fork length: shorter forks are ideal for situations where there is a limited turning circle, such as for use in trucks or small warehouse aisles. Long forks are ideal for lifting and moving multiple pallets or roll containers at once. It is advisable to opt for double fork wheels so that you can easily drive over the slats of the pallets and take barriers or other obstacles better. Pointed but rounded forks as we have in our assortment ensure a simple pallet insertion.

- Format: of course the lift height of a pallet truck also plays a role in your purchasing process. For example, work such as sorting, order picking, distribution or delivery of goods where it is practical to be able to place items at a suitable height.

In short, as you can see, the application of the pallet truck ultimately determines the choice, if you have a clear picture of this you can make your choice more easily and we can advise you even better.

Do you need further information about our hand trucks and pallet trucks? Feel free to contact us at [email protected]