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Plastic Pallet Drip Tray with  Grid - 120 L - 1200x800x310mm
Plastic Pallet Drip Tray with Grid - 120 L - 1200x800x310mm Art#: 25838
    Carrying weight:
    £404.59 £485.51 Incl. VAT
    Plastic Pallet Drip Tray, no grid - 120 L - 1200x800x310mm
    Plastic Pallet Drip Tray, no grid - 120 L - 1200x800x310mm Art#: 25836
      Carrying weight:
      £187.89 £225.47 Incl. VAT
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      Rotomshop.co.uk has different types of drip and collection trays. For example, we have drip trays with a grid, drip trays without a grid or special drip trays that are used for the industrial sector. Drip trays and collection trays are important and necessary when storing all kinds of liquids and solids that can leak. Also consider hazardous substances, such as chemicals. Strict environmental regulations even oblige the use of specific retention containers or drip trays when storing hazardous substances. Due to the presence of these substances, risks can arise in the workplace. To limit the risk, all kinds of rules and requirements have been drawn up for, among other things, drip trays. That is why many companies are now obliged to use drip trays. At Rotomshop.co.uk you will find an extensive range of drip trays (with or without a grid), pallets with drip trays or even modular ramps. These modular ramps are used to get drip trays at different heights for special storage. Because of this extensive range, there will probably be a drip tray that is suitable for you.


      Rotomshop.co.uk has a large assortment of drip and collection trays. Since the requirements for a drip or drain pan may differ per sector, we have various types of drip and drain boxes. As a result, there is a good chance that there is a suitable drip or collection tray for you. For example, we supply both metal and plastic retention containers. In addition, our mobile metal sump trays are available with a capacity of 220 litres or a capacity of 440 litres. We supply specific collection trays for pallets with a drip grid or without a drip grid. Our drip trays are available in various sizes with a capacity of up to 485 litres and can be moved with a forklift truck or with our pallet trucks. With the drip trays, you prevent damage due to leakage and you meet the requirements of the legislation.


      We also offer drip trays in the form of stackable environmental racks, with which the drip trays can be stacked at the desired height and can, therefore, be flexibly arranged according to your needs. The environmental packs can be found at our stacking racks, where you will also find other items for storage in your warehouse and to organize your workplace.

      Are you interested and do you need more information about one of our drip or drip trays? Or do you want to order larger quantities of drip or drip trays? Then contact us for advice or a quote at [email protected]