Privacy Policy

Privacy policy of Rotomshop UK

General information:
1. The owner of is:

Rotom Nederland BV
Ekkersrijt 1428
5692 AK Son
ING bank account: 67.48.00745
KVK Eindhoven: 17059495
VAT number: NL00.54.92.555B01
IBAN: NL35INGB067.48.00745

This site collects information about its users in the following way:
a) By voluntarily entered information in forms
b) By storing cookies in the browser
c) By storing technical logs on the webserver.

With regard to the data entered, your privacy is guaranteed as of 9 May 2018 and our privacy policy has been amended in connection with the General Regulation on Personal Data (AVG). The person responsible for processing is the operator of service

Rotomshop UK has made the following settings to optimally protect your data.

Rotomshop UK:
- uses Google Analytics cookies with a limited shelf life, after which they are permanently deleted
- has concluded processing agreements
- has chosen to mask the last octet of your IP address
- has turned off 'data sharing'
- does not use other Google services in combination with the Google Analytics cookies

2. Form information

The server collects data that is voluntarily entered by the user. The server can store data and settings (visiting times and IP address without the last octet). Data that is entered will only be made available to third parties with whom a processing agreement has been concluded. The data made available in this form a file with personal data, the file will be stored at the server provider in the register that is maintained by Rotom Nederland BV. If the data in the form can identify an individual, it goes without saying that this person can adjust it and request that it stop processing and delete it at any time. This can result in the fact that you do not have access to certain options, views. The data in this form is used to enable the firm to perform its function, for example, to process your request or order. The data entered in these forms can be used to allow certain technical matters to proceed - in particular the collection of data on the website, support payments or other entities with which cooperates in this area.