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Used Gitterbox Metal Stillage - UIC Standard 435 - 1240x835x970mm
Used Gitterbox Metal Stillage - UIC Standard 435 - 1240x835x970mm Art#: 70000U
    Carrying weight:
    £129.99 £155.99 Incl. VAT
    DIN Gitterbox Metal Stillage - UIC Standard 435-3 - 1240x835x970mm
    DIN Gitterbox Metal Stillage - UIC Standard 435-3 - 1240x835x970mm Art#: 75000
      Carrying weight:
      £149.99 £179.99 Incl. VAT
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      Stillages are metal wire containers. These boxes can be used for different purposes. Companies often use these boxes primarily as storage boxes for products and goods. The stillages are made of steel and can easily be stacked. Thanks to the handy opening at the front of the box, it is possible to easily fill or empty the stillages. Even when the boxes are stacked, it is possible to supplement or empty products. The stillages have a wooden floor with steel profiles. These boxes are mainly used to store heavy items. Consider, for example, parts and components for the manufacture of cars. The boxes provide more space in your warehouse. This automatically leaves you more space.


      Because the stillages are made of metal wire, you can always see how much is still in the box. This makes it even easier if you want to check the stock. You don't have to take anything out. Even if a number of stillages are stacked on top of each other, it isn't a problem to check the stock. By stacking the boxes you create more space in the warehouse and you can group products without any problems. Hereby you always keep an overview of the products and all products and goods are stored safely.


      The stillages of Rotomshop Uk are provided with excellent quality. This makes the boxes very stable and safe for storing things in your warehouse. It is possible to purchase several boxes so that they can easily be stacked. This way you make optimum use of your floor space. Below we mention a number of other practical features:
      - Practical design
      - Pooling possible
      - Wooden floor
      - Bottom with removable outrigger foot
      - Ideal for storing heavy items


      Stillages are available at in various shapes and sizes. Always pay attention to which box size suits you and your work best. Consider, for example, the space that the box occupies in the warehouse. Even if you want to stack multiple boxes, it is important that you purchase the same sizes. This ensures that the stillages remain stable. All boxes are made from high-quality materials. The metal wires ensure that the goods remain in the box properly and safely. The wooden floor then ensures that the products will not be damaged.