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In the UK we are increasingly aware of waste separation and proper disposal, and because of this, we contribute to a sustainable society. For households, it is relatively easy to arrange through the municipality, but companies have to follow up on this themselves. Tipping containers are therefore required for all the industrial waste that is produced there. Sometimes several containers due to the amount or because of the different types of waste. After all, as a company, you are obliged to separate certain types of waste. The permit from the municipality states which waste materials are involved and what your company must comply with.

Tipping containers from Rotomshop UK

Our tipping containers are available in four different sizes and available in litres, so there is always a match. The first container has a capacity of 500L and can carry 1300kg of cargo. The largest has a volume of 1250L and can carry 1800kg of load. These containers are moved by forklift. Tilting is done by means of a lever.

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So do you need new tipping containers so that your company can also separate the waste correctly? Or do your current containers simply need to be replaced? Then look no further: at Rotomshop you will find everything you need. So scroll up and add the desired content to your shopping cart. You can then place the order.

Would you like personal advice? Or are you waiting to place an order because you still have questions? Please feel free to contact us. Our friendly customer service team is available every working day to assist you. Even if you want to place a larger order of tipping containers, we will be happy to prepare a suitable quote for you by telephone.