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    Pallet With Drip Tray For IBC Containers - 1450x1450x1000mm - 1000 LitresMore information

    Pallet With Drip Tray For IBC Containers - 1450x1450x1000mm - 1000 Litres

    Art#: 20410
    Pallet with liquid collection tray for Intermediate Bulk Containers. The drip tray has the dimensions 1450x1450x1000mm and has a capacity of 1120L....More information
    • Static Load Capacity is 2000kg
    • Dynamic Load Capacity is 2000kg
    • Content Capacity is 1120 Litres
    • 100% Recyclable
    • In Stock Delivered In 3-4 Weeks



    The drip tray and plastic pallet are made of polyethylene. The outer dimensions are 1450x1450x1000mm. The contents of the pallet and receptacle together are 1120 litres. The contents of the tray for IBC containers is 1000 litres. This product is very durable because the product is 100% recyclable. In addition, the drip tray is designed to be user-friendly and easy to keep clean. It is a very sturdy and strong product with a dynamic and static capacity of up to 2000 kilograms. With a favourable layout, 27 pieces can be transported in a trailer.

    Product specifications
    • Item Number (SKU): 20410
    • Length (mm): 1450
    • Width (mm): 1450
    • Height (mm): 1000
    • Weight (kg): 105
    • Material: Plastic
    • Material Specification: HDPE
    • Load Capacity (kg): Dynamic - 2000kg, Static - 2000kg
    • Capacity (ltr): 1120
    • Design Feature: 100% Recyclable
    • Condition: New
    Shipping More info
    • Delivery Cost From: £59.99Excl. tax
    • Free Delivery Over:£350.00Excl. tax
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