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    Plastic Seals for Attached Lid Tote Boxes - 1000pcs Per BoxMore information

    Plastic Seals for Attached Lid Tote Boxes - 1000pcs Per Box

    Art#: 91279
    Plastic seals for distribution tote boxes, also called transport bins or distribution boxes. This closes the whole for extra security during transport and storage. Easy to use....More information
    • Made of Plastic
    • Tote Box Seal
    • Easy to Use
    • 1000 Pcs per box
    • In Stock Express Delivery Available

    Plastic clip seals for Attached Lid Tote Boxes - 1000 pcs.

    Handy plastic clip closure that serves as a seal, especially suitable for sealing the plastic attached lid tote boxes from our range. This seal is easy to apply. The clip closure ensures that the lid remains closed during transport and provides security as a seal. Is only suitable for single use, when the distribution box is opened the seal will break. For you, it is clear that goods are safely stored and if someone has unexpectedly opened the distribution box, that is visible.

    Blog tip: Read more about attached lid tote boxes and plastic boxes in our blog

    The unit price of this article is the price for 1 box containing 1000 seals.

    Product specifications
    • Item Number (SKU): 91279
    • Material: Plastic
    • Condition: New
    Shipping More info
    • Delivery Cost From: £59.99Excl. VAT
    • Free Delivery Over:£400.00Excl. VAT
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