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Cantilever racks from Rotomshop UK are very practical for various purposes. These racks are very functional for storing products and goods. The cantilever racks can be used in a warehouse as well as in a shed or garage. The correct installation of this specific rack ensures a stable and safe rack. With a cantilever rack you can easily store and sort all your belongings. This means you always have an overview of which products you have. Moreover, everything on such a rack is safely stored. The racks are easy to install for warehouse use, but also for storage in commercial buildings, garages, archives, sheds and offices.


If you no longer have room for the items in your warehouse or other storage location, cantilever racking can be the solution. These racks ensure stable storage. Moreover, they are easy to expand with the racks from our range. You should (dis) assemble the racks with suitable tools for perfect safety in detail. By using a cantilever rack you have quick access to the stored items. The support arms are adjustable per 100mm and well-thought-out expansion options are available for custom solutions. In addition, it is very easy to add two or more statements to the existing statement later. You can easily install the new rack to the rack you already have.


Rotomshop UK cantilever racks are of good quality. In addition, they offer stable and therefore safe storage for all your belongings. Below we list a number of practical properties of these racks:

- up to 1450kg load capacity

- hot rolled profiles

- adjustable support arms

- easy to adjust


The cantilever rack from our range are all constructed from hot-rolled IPE 120 bars. In addition, they are perforated on both sides. This allows the rack to be converted from a single-sided rack to a double-sided rack afterwards. You then only need to switch the foot. In addition, the suspension arms are easy to adjust and these racks can withstand weights up to 175kg per support arm and can handle a total load capacity of 1450kg. It is also possible to buy accessories from Rotomshop UK. Consider, for example, an extension rack, distribution mesh for the rear wall or expanding the total number of support arms in the rack.


In addition to the standard racks, it is also possible to purchase extension racks from Rotomshop. The Rotomshop UK range is designed in such a way that the cantilever rack can be extended at any time. This allows you to easily expand the racks without dismantling everything. For example, if you need to store more items, it is easy to add an extra rack. You can also contact Rotomshop UK for all parts and accessories that are needed when expanding the cantilever racks.