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Rear Wall For Shelf Rack - 1000x3x2000mm - Euro Perforation 4.5mm Holes
Rear Wall For Shelf Rack - 1000x3x2000mm - Euro Perforation 4.5mm HolesArt#: 54206
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    Rotomshop UK shelving racks are very practical for storing products, goods or tools in any storage space. Due to the quick assembly, these racks are easy to assemble. The shelving is ideal for different rooms. The racks can be used for example in warehouses, commercial buildings, garages and sheds. If you want to place multiple racks, this can be done effortlessly by adding an extension rack to an existing rack.


    You probably recognize it. When your warehouse, garage, shed or another storage location is full and there is no space for a pallet rack, what do you do? At Rotomshop UK have the ideal solution: shelving racks. These racks are very easy to assemble and no tools are needed. In addition, these statements have a very long life span. So it is also the budget-friendly option. Moreover, disassembling the shelf rack is also very easy. You can easily disassemble and store the rack without tools. Our shelf racks are available in metal versions. This makes these racks extra sturdy and safe. So are you looking for a solution for your storage shortage? Then consider such a handy statement from Logistiekonline.


    Rotomshop UK has a wide range of shelving. The racks are available in various sizes and payloads. For example, there are racks that are suitable for light or heavy material. Such a rack is ideal for your warehouse, commercial building, archive, garage, shed or even your office. The galvanised racks have a total load capacity of 1100kg. This is converted per shelf load capacity of 150kg. You can easily expand the shelf rack with various system accessories from our range. Think of an extension rack, dividing mesh for the back wall or adding several shelves to the rack.


    The Rotomshop UK shelving units all have very useful properties. This guarantees stable storage for all your belongings. Below are some practical features: - 1100 kg total load capacity - 150 kg load capacity per shelf - assembly without tools - High-quality hook-in rack - Easy to expand These properties may, of course, differ slightly per product. With the specific product are all associated details if you want to be sure.


    Our range is designed in such a way that you can always expand your shelf rack. Are you missing certain parts or would you like to create an extra level or course? Rotomshop UK is the right place for all parts and accessories. Our wide range includes shelves, wishbones, extension sections, uprights, storage containers, clips, spacers and compartment dividers. In addition, the shelving and cantilever racks from our range are ideal to combine with each other. In addition, there is the possibility to mount the shelf rack under a storey floor if you have one. This allows you to make optimal use of the available space. Logistiekonline has an extensive range for warehouse equipment of your business premises, supply chain, archive, office, shed or internal transport.