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    Choosing The Right Wooden Pallets For Your Needs

    For making furniture such as a bed, lounge sofa, coffee table or other furniture that you are going to use indoors, we recommend that you buy new pallets preferably from dried Northern European pine, these are often the most beautiful and probably have not been stored outside. If you want the experienced industrial character of used wood yourself: choose used pallets and preferably the used EPAL euro pallet. These will probably be dark in colour, damaged here and there and they can be a bit dirty but have the tough and industrial look that you as a private person are looking for if you choose this pallet. The pallets most sold to private individuals are the new EPAL euro pallet and the used EPAL euro pallet.

    Wooden Pallets that can be stored outside

    Wooden pallets are often stored outside and can, therefore, be wet upon delivery. This is almost always the case with used wooden pallets because they are almost always stored outside. They are wet by the rain and no longer put into a drying process for extradition because this promotes mould formation because wood is a natural product.

    Some new pallets are made from freshly sawn (wet) wood and are sometimes stored outside, which means that they are wet. Then there is the risk that pallets get wet during transport. Wet pallets can easily be used in logistics processes because they do not lose capacity and meet the requirements that companies or transporters have on the pallets.

    As a private individual, when you use them for furniture, you may prefer to have them dry, light in colour and without mould. Among other things, wet wood has the property that moulds form on it. You can let them dry for some time in your house or shed and then sand and paint them to meet the requirements that are often made of furniture.

    Pallets can get a little dirty..

    Both new and used pallets can be (a little) dirty. There are several reasons why pallets can get dirty:

    • Pallets can be stored outside
    • Pallets are stored unprotected
    • Pallets are transported in bulk by truck

    This is not a problem for normal logistics use. But, if you want to make furniture out of it, bear in mind that you may need to clean and sand the pallets.

    Pallets are generally made from raw wood

    Pallets made from rough unplaned wood can contain splinters, knots and other sharp edges. If you are going to process a pallet into a piece of furniture or want to use it for private use, it is advisable to sand it first and get rid of unevennesses that are characteristic of raw wood.

    Pallets can differ from the photo that we present online

    Wood is a natural material and therefore not unambiguous, such as jeans. Each batch of wood has different qualities, has grown differently, contains more moisture or has a different colour. It is for this reason that the wooden pallets that we deliver may differ from the photo that we present online.

    With used pallets, the chance of this is much greater than with new pallets because there is no sorting on the appearance of a pallet. There can always be imperfections on it that have no adverse impact on the logistics application. We also always ensure that a wooden pallet is suitable for reuse in the logistics sector.

    For EPAL euro pallets we use the strict standards of the EPAL organization because we are EPAL certified to sort and repair used EPAL pallets so that they can subsequently be used in the logistics sector and production processes.

    Transport costs for the delivery of pallets

    Pallets do not fit in a package and cannot be sent via regular carriers. Pallets that we sell at Rotomshop UK are transported via regular distribution transport. This means that a truck will deliver your order especially for you at the location indicated by you. This can more expensive than a package that is delivered to you as a private person via PostNL or other regular courier services. However, with distribution transport, payment is made for the number of pallet places that the freight that will be delivered to you will occupy. And for every stack of pallets we deliver ... exactly: 1 pallet! Whether or not the pallet location is completely filled up to the roof (or the maximum stacking height) does not matter: the space above the pallet is reserved for you and must be paid for. You can achieve the lowest transport costs per pallet by utilizing the maximum stacking height. For example, for EPAL euro pallets, that is 15 when we use distribution transport and 19 when we use freight transport.

    Wooden Pallet Delivery with Rotomshop UK

    Our reputable carriers only deliver on business days during office hours. We deliver as standard within 1 to 2 working days if your item can be delivered from stock. In the event of a major emergency, you can order in the morning and pick it up the same afternoon at our location in Son, near Eindhoven. We do not know what time the truck will be with you. Make sure that you are at home all day until the carrier has arrived or had someone come home to receive the pallets. The signing must be made for a receipt to prevent subsequent discussions.

    We deliver pallets to your doorstep/ground floor. The driver cannot help you with bringing in the pallets since there is no time for that. The drivers have a very full agenda every day and must be able to move quickly from one address to another.

    Ensure that someone is present all day on the day of delivery. If no one is present to receive the pallets, the driver will drive on. If that fails, another attempt will be made on another day to deliver the pallets. The extra costs for this delivery and the earlier attempt to deliver are then unfortunately for your account.

    If the pallets are not satisfactory, that is no problem. You can return the pallets up to two weeks after delivery. The transport costs of the return shipment are for your account. You can also come and deliver the pallets yourself at our headquarters in Son, near Eindhoven.

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