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    Ben Boughtwood

    Euro Pallets: Dimensions, Weight and Features

    What are the dimensions and characteristics of EPAL Euro pallets?

    Before we answer this, it is useful to know that EPAL pallets and Euro pallets are the same types of pallets. EPAL, short for the European Pallet Association, is the license on the pallet. Only licensed companies are allowed to manufacture or repair these pallets.

    EPAL itself is therefore not a producer but the umbrella organisation that guarantees quality and licenses. The pallets are recognisable by the 'EPAL' logo (oval) that is applied to the four corners of the pallet. The EPAL Euro pallet is a protected product as there are now more and more stories of illegal counterfeit pallets. The range of EPAL Euro pallets from Rotomshop UK does meet all requirements.

    euro pallet EPAL dimensions and weight

    Euro pallet from EPAL

    Euro Pallets: Dimensions

    The idea behind Euro pallets is to work internationally with uniform sizes. The typical dimensions of a Euro pallet iare 1200x800x144mm. This is also noted as the size 80x120cm. The total height/thickness is 144mm. The pallet has an upper deck of a total of 5 planks, under which 9 bobbins are mounted. 3 bottom boards (skids) support the bobbins. These skids run parallel to the upper deck.

    Euro pallet dimensions 1200x800 mm
    Dimensions Euro pallet 1200x800mm

    The so-called "collomodular dimensions" are based on the dimensions of a Euro pallet of 1200x800mm. When you order other products (such as Euro Stacking Containers) that are designed according to the same collomodular system, you are assured that you can effectively stack your products on a Euro pallet.

    But what is the carrying capacity of a Euro Pallet? 

    The Euro pallet can carry a maximum of 1500kg if the weight is evenly distributed over the pallet. As a static load on a flat floor, 4000kg is the recommended maximum payload.

    Other dimensions of EPAL pallets than the aforementioned size of 1200x800mm are also available. For example, block pallets and a display pallet are also available under an EPAL license. The block pallets have a size of 1200x1000mm and the display pallets are 800x600mm or 600x400mm.

    Already convinced the Euro EPAL Pallet is what you require? View and order it directly!

    Euro Pallets: Weight

    As indicated, the Euro pallet can carry a maximum of 1500kg, but we recommend that you adhere to the EPAL standard of 1500kg dynamic load capacity just to be sure. When the pallet is only used to store products without transport being involved, a maximum of 4000kg is allowed with an even distribution of the stacked products.

    It is wise to check before use and before loading the pallet whether the pallet is sturdy enough to accept the load. Traces of wear or cracks in the wood may indicate a depreciated pallet. Always have it repaired by a reputable EPAL repairer.

    Euro Pallets: Features

    To prevent you from buying an unreliable counterfeit model without knowing it, we have listed all the specifications. This way you can recognise a real EPAL Euro pallet based on weight, dimensions and markings.

    • The EPAL logo is printed on the left and right spool
    • The nails are always machined into the wood in the same positions and are marked with a 2-letter combination
    • The repair nail with the EPAL logo has a country code and a unique license number
    • There is an ISPM15 marking on the middle spool and on it is a 6-digit ID number: 3 digits for the unique EPAL producer code, 1 digit for the production year and 2 digits for the production month
    • A black or yellow mark with the EPAL logo is applied by the manufacturer and serves as proof of quality assurance
    • A Euro pallet is a pallet with an outer dimension of 1200x800mm.

    Order your Euro Pallet at Rotomshop UK

    With us, you can buy Euro EPAL Pallets online from stock. Using our own online platform, it is easy for you to buy logistics resources directly. At Rotom we have over 30 years of experience in 10 different countries and we are the ideal partner when it comes to buying such products.

    Incidentally, you can not only contact us for the purchase of Euro pallets. We are a partner for various load carriers and products for internal transport. Read below how we can be of service to you.

    All load carriers from Rotomshop UK

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    Do you have questions about this blog regarding Euro EPAL Pallets or questions about other Rotomshop UK load carriers? Contact us via [email protected]  or 01777 322100.

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