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    Ben Boughtwood

    How can you ensure that you can do your work as organised as possible?

    In this blog, we try to inform you how this can be done with the help of our articles. With our articles you can ensure that you can work as pleasantly and organized as possible in your warehouse, garage, shed, garden, utility room or workshop. In our range, you will find various articles that can help you to start tidying at your workplace or in your hobby room by rearranging and arranging it, but you can also make your terrace, garden or balcony cosy with this.

    Stacking racks, essential for storage

    Working with stacking racks, also called mobile racks, is essential for any warehouse, hardware store, garden centre or larger landscaping company during peak periods. Garden sets or other long goods such as parasols and fence parts are imported from various countries. All this is in order to soon be able to welcome consumers in new showrooms or show gardens and to provide them with materials and products to provide their gardens with a new fresh look. The mobile stacking racks from our range are flexible in height and available in three different versions for bulk storage. These stacking racks can be transported directly from the warehouse without the need for transferring or order picking. When the peak period is over, you can put them in storage in a small volume because they are nestable.

    Logistical resources to make your work environment more pleasant

    Logistics resources are not only useful in the transport sector for transporting goods. Plastic containers, for example, provide a lot of overviews when you want to add structure to your working environment. By organising your goods and products, you protect your resources that little bit extra.

    Plastic containers provide an overview:

    • Create an overview of smaller goods that you have in storage by storing them in special lidded boxes or storage bins;
    • Protect items or materials in storage from dust, dirt and water with Euro-standard containers with lids;

    Pallet boxes are very easy to handle:

    • If there are relatively dry periods in a year, it may be that in the agricultural sector, you have to feed your animals on the land or provide them with extra water points, pallet boxes are the ideal solution for this and are easy to move;
    • During the harvest season, pallet boxes are very suitable for storing fruit and vegetables.

    Euro pallets and pallet collars are very versatile:

    • Euro pallets are ideal for making lounge sets for in or near your restaurant, café, beach club or festival location. You can find various creative ideas for this on the Internet;
    • Small herb gardens at an ideal working height can easily be made in your garden or on your balcony using Euro pallets. You can also find various creative ideas for this on the Internet;
    • If you do not have a pleasant municipal garden on the terrace of your restaurant or café, but you still want to provide your guests with a green or flowery environment, our products such as Euro pallets with pallet edges can be the solution. With the help of these articles, you can make a mobile, flourishing planter in no time.

    Roll container wheels :

    • Wheels that are normally mounted under roll containers are ideal for making lounge sets mobile, so you can quickly put your lounge sets inside or lock them together or store them dry at the end of a long working day in the hospitality industry;
    • If you have preparations for a festival in a village in the early morning or if you have to deliver goods in the city centre, it may be that noise limits have to meet, then consider rubber wheels such as in our range. This makes roll containers and the like considerably quieter while driving;

    Questions about this blog about organizing your work environment or other matters regarding load carriers or the service we offer as Rotomshop UK? Please contact us via [email protected] or 01777 322100. We are happy to assist you!

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