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    Buying pallets - the pallet guide

    Pallets come in all shapes and sizes that you can imagine. In different sizes, but also in different materials and with different construction. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages.

    The differences between the types of pallets that we offer at are explained below so that you can make an informed choice when purchasing. If you have any questions after reading this, you can Contact Us.

    Euro pallets EPAL

    The name "Euro pallet" is protected and may only be used for pallets that meet certain product specifications, as established by the European Pallet Association (EPAL).

    Because the Euro pallet has a standardized design, it is easily exchangeable in a so-called “pallet pool”. The supplier who sends fully loaded pallets will receive the same number of empty pallets back, to replace the pallets that were originally shipped.

    Furthermore, standardisation assures you of product quality, so you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises. You can always assume that a Euro pallet meets the established requirements for design and quality.

    EPAL Euro Pallet

    Euro pallet features:

    • Made of wood
    • 5 top shelves
    • 9 bobbins
    • 1200 x 800 x 144 mm
    • Weight is +/- 25 kg
    • Dynamic load capacity +/- 1500 kg
    • Static load capacity: +/- 4000 kg
    • Equipped with an EPAL quality mark
    • Accessible from 4 sides

    Euro pallets offer a guaranteed quality level and are interchangeable in a pooling system. Rotom, the parent company of Logistiekonline, is EPAL certified and therefore authorized to repair and sell used EPAL pallets.

    One-way pallets - cheap alternative

    A one-way pallet, also known as a disposable pallet or "one-way" pallet, is a pallet that is specially made to reduce costs. Cheaper materials are often used for single-use pallets, such as residual wood. As a result, the durability is on average less high than with regular wooden pallets.

    One-way pallet 1200x800x120mm - wood - 5 top shelves

    One-way pallet features:

    • Relatively low weight
    • Suitable for transport without return delivery
    • Made as a cheap alternative to “regular” pallets
    • Can be used several times with careful use

    One-way Pallets are ideal for transport and export, due to the low cost and weight.

    Chemical pallets - CP1 to CP9

    Chemical pallets were originally designed for the chemical industry, where there was a need for pallets with a high load capacity, which were resistant to poisonous and corrosive substances and were also suitable for heavy loads, bags, big bags and drums.

    These chemical pallets, usually abbreviated to CP pallets, come in 9 different versions and 5 different sizes. They are numbered from CP1 to CP9.

    CP pallet characteristics

    CP1 pallet :  1200 x 1000 mm / Open bottom deck / With overhang
    CP2 pallet :   1200 x 800 mm / Open bottom deck / With overhang
    CP3 pallet :  1140 x 1140 mm / Open bottom deck / With overhang
    CP4 pallet:  1300 x 1100 mm / Open bottom deck / With overhang
    CP5 pallet :   1140 x 760 mm / Open bottom deck
    CP6 pallet :   1200 x 1000 mm / Cross deck / With overhang
    CP7 pallet :  1300 x 1100 mm / Cross deck
    CP8 pallet :  1140 x 1140 mm / Cross deck / Hole in top deck for big bag
    CP9 pallet :  1140 x 1140 mm / All-round deck

    Display pallets - for supermarkets and retail

    The display pallet is a smaller pallet, in the dimensions of 800 x 600mm or 600 x 400mm. This can be a wooden pallet or a plastic pallet. A wooden display pallet with extra load capacity is the so-called Düsseldorf pallet. This has metal bobbins for extra heavy loads.

    Display pallets are often used in, for example, supermarkets and retailers. The reason for this is that they can be put into the store directly from the truck to put the items on sale. There is no need to transfer first.

    Wooden Display Pallet

    Display pallet features:

    • 800 x 600mm or 600 x 400mm
    • Often used in shops and retail as a display unit
    • Lightweight

    Wood fibre pallets - suitable for export

    These lightweight pallets are very suitable for export. Not only do they weigh little, but they also comply with the ISPM-15 guidelines. This allows them to be shipped across borders without additional certificates or heat treatment.

    Furthermore, wood fibre Presswood pallets save space in storage, because they are nestable and stackable. This allows you to save up to 70% in space.

    The handling of this type of pallet is also very user-friendly. You no longer need work gloves, because there is no risk of nails, splinters or sharp corners.

    Wood fibre pallet characteristics:

    • Lightweight
    • Suitable for export without additional treatment
    • Easy to handle (no nails, splinters or sharp corners)
    • Stackable
    • Nestable up to 70% space-saving
    • Lower load capacity than, for example, a plastic or wooden pallet

    Plastic pallets - alternative to wooden pallets

    Plastic pallets are an alternative to the more traditional wooden pallets. They have a comparable load capacity, but weigh less, are easy to clean and are easy to handle.

    In a plastic pallet, no moisture can accumulate and no vermin can nest, which makes them extra hygienic to use. Plastic pallets meet the ISPM 15 requirements for export and therefore do not require additional treatment.

    Plastic pallet features:

    • High load-bearing capacity
    • Easy to clean
    • Lower weight than wooden pallets
    • More expensive to purchase than wooden pallets
    • Hygienic in use
    • Suitable for export without additional treatment
    • Easy to handle (no nails, splinters or sharp corners)

    Cardboard pallets - user-friendly pallet

    In many ways, cardboard pallets resemble the aforementioned wood fibre pallets. They are suitable for export because they have a low weight and do not require additional heat treatment to comply with the ISPM-15 directive. Furthermore, they do not weigh much and are very user-friendly to use, because of the lack of nails, splinters and sharp corners.

    Cardboard pallets are generally cheaper to purchase than wood fibre Presswood pallets and have a lower weight. On average, they do have a lower load capacity than a wood fibre pallet.

    Carton pallet features:

    • Very cheap to buy
    • Lower load capacity than, for example, a wood fibre pallet
    • Lightweight
    • Suitable for export without additional treatment
    • Easy to handle (no nails, splinters or sharp corners)


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    Do you want to know more about the different types of pallets, or do you want to order larger numbers? No problem! For more advice, you can reach us via email at [email protected] or via telephone on 01777 322100 for a quote.

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