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    Ben Boughtwood

    Warehouse trolleys and their applications

    There are many different ways to get your products in a warehouse or storage from point A to point B. Without tools, you are dependent on your own hands. This is still possible if the products in question are not too heavy and the numbers are not too large, but most warehouses cannot do without the help of several warehouse trolleys.

    These warehouse trolleys come in all shapes and sizes, each with its own specific advantages. To provide some clarity about the differences, we have listed all variants of warehouse trolleys that we carry at below.

    With this, we want to ask questions such as "what different warehouse trolleys are there?", "What exactly is a shelf trolley?" and “when do you use a table cart?” answer clearly.

    Warehouse hand trucks

    A hand truck is a hand truck that is super easy to use and is widely used in, for example, warehouses, offices or during relocations for moving heavy, usually block-shaped loads. With the help of this, you can quickly move goods manually to the right destination.

    Matador warehouse trolley hand truck

    Hand truck features:

    • Easy to use pushcart.
    • Has two wheels and two handles.
    • Is put under the load (often boxes) and tilted, after which it is manually driven.
    • Collapsible or rigid model

    Platform trucks internal transport

    Platform trucks are often used at forwarding companies, production halls or sectors where, for example, several small products or several heavy products must be transported quickly at the same time.

    Platform trolley platform trolley warehouse trolley

    Platform truck features:

    • Has a platform that sits relatively low to the ground with four wheels underneath.
    • Pull or push bar attached to the front of the platform
    • Used for transporting small goods or heavy items
    • Available as a platform trailer with a fixed or collapsible push handle

    Shelf trolleys for order picking

    shelf trolley is a somewhat higher type of warehouse trolley with several floors. This is mainly used for transporting several, lighter items at the same time. These are often used to collect orders in a warehouse, so as an order picking trolley, as a display in shops or in workshops to get several materials at the same time at a workbench/workplace as grab stock.

    Shelf trolley warehouse trolley order pick

    Shelf trolley features:

    • Has several shelves that can often be dismantled
    • Suitable for lighter goods
    • Has four wheels and a pair of bars on both sides to steer the car
    • Can be fitted with gates, doors or tilting shelves

    Table trolleys for hotels and catering

    Table trolleys also called serving trolleys, are small and manoeuvrable and can therefore be widely used in different industries and for different purposes. They can be used for the transport of articles in a production line, but also for internal transport at, for example, offices, hotels or hospitals or used by a cleaning team. With a view to the 1.5-meter economy, table trolleys are ideally suited for the catering industry to be able to easily and quickly.

    Table trolleys can be divided into "light table trolleys", with a load capacity of up to 200 kg and "heavy table trolleys" with a load capacity above 200 kg, intended for heavier work in warehouses and workshops.

    shelved trolley platform trolley warehouse trolley

    Table trolley features:

    • Highest working height of a table.
    • Consists of two to four fixed worksheets.
    • Has four wheels and one or two push or pull rods.

    Pallet trucks - pallet transport

    Pallet trucks, or pallet trucks, are used for moving cargo on pallets in warehouses or storage areas. There are many variants in terms of load capacity, fork length and wheel types. There are also variants with a built-in scale.

    Pump truck pallet truck

    Pallet truck features:

    • Made to move pallets internally.
    • Comes on four small wheels and two spoons that can be lifted up and down.
    • has a long pull rod with which the spoons can be “inflated” in manual models.

    Mobile scissor lift tables - vertical transport

    Mobile lifting tables can be used in two ways: to easily move heavy goods in the warehouse or as a work surface, where the worktop can be adjusted in height. An ideal aid to bring cargo to a higher platform or to work something that is heavy at working height.

    scissor lift table warehouse trolley

    Mobile scissor lift table features:

    • Has a worktop that is adjustable in height (for example by means of a pedal).
    • Has single or double scissors on which the worktop is mounted.
    • Comes with four wheels and a push or pull rod.

    Dollies - for moving

    Dollies are also known as rolling platforms or furniture dogs. They can be used for quick loading and moving boxes or bins. A dolly is equipped with castor wheels and therefore extremely manoeuvrable, making them easy to use in narrow spaces or corridors.

    furniture dog dolly transport roller

    Dolly features:

    • Low platform with four wheels.
    • Easy to handle.
    • No push or pull rod, simple and light in weight.

    We hope to have fully informed you about all warehouse trolleys and their application.

    Questions about this blog about warehouse trucks or other matters regarding load carriers or the service we offer as Please contact us via [email protected] or 01777 322100. We are happy to assist you!

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