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    Sander van Beers

    What to Know About Euro-Pallet

    The Euro Pallet, also called the EPAL pallet or EPAL Euro Pallet, is an essential carrier for a large part of the logistics sector. There are some 450 to 500 million (!) units of this pallet in circulation every day, and not without reason. The pallet is robust, reliable, repairable and readily available in the quantity you require. We have listed the most important characteristics below.

    Euro Pallet measurements and standards

    The main advantage of the Euro Pallet is that it is a standardized pallet that guarantees certain characteristics and properties, regardless of the supplier. New, Used - Grade B or Used - Grade A, the Euro Pallet will have the same number of shelves, skids and load capacity to meet these conditions. A Euro Pallet has the following characteristics:

    Afmetingen Europallet EPAL

    • Dimensions: 1200x800x144 mm
    • Static load capacity: 4000 kg
    • Dynamic load capacity: 1500 kg
    • Weight: around 25 kg
    • bevelled corners
    • 5 shelves, 3 skids, 9 wooden blocks
    • Standardized nails
    • EPAL-logo on the left block
    • IPPC-logo on the middle block
    • EPAL or EUR logo on the right block

    The abbreviations and the different logo's on the bobbins contain all the necessary information about the origin of the pallet. You will find the acronym EPAL, the heat treatment logo indicating: country of origin of the treated wood, region of origin, company registration number, the acronyms HT and sometimes DB indicating respectively that the pallet has undergone heat treatment and that the wood has been debarked. Debarking must take place before a heat treatment can be done according to the ISPM15 guideline.

    A versatile load carrier

    Herbruikbare pallets

    Known for its strength and reliability, it is designed for frequent use. The fact that broken pallets are repairable also extends its life considerably. The pallet is mainly used for the transport of goods and, thanks to its robustness, can be loaded up to 1500 kg dynamically and up to 4000 kg statically. These figures make it one of the most robust standard pallets and guarantee safe distribution and transport for a range of products.

    IPPC logo

    Our pallets are treated in accordance with the ISPM15 guidelines. Therefore, they are suitable for transporting goods to countries outside the European Union. Thanks to this treatment, the pallets are also suitable for the food and pharmaceutical sectors. In this regard, particularly for customs control purposes, the export of goods on pallets (or other wooden packaging) will require a certificate of compliance with the ISPM15 directive.

    Outside of industrial use, one also sees a trend towards pallets in the private sector. In recent years, industrial style has been all the rage in the world of interior design. Pallets are particularly suitable for the manufacture of furniture thanks to their uniform dimensions and materials. Sofas, tables and beds are easily made from pallets by the avid DIY enthusiast. A new pallet is preferred because of its relatively clear wood. However, we also see a decrease in used pallets for the same purpose. After all, these have been checked and are therefore guaranteed to be just as strong!

    Easy to handle and transport

    Europallet EPAL

    The design of the EPAL pallet makes it exceptionally easy to use. Thanks to its 4 entrances, the pallet can be approached from all sides by virtually all types of forklifts and pallet trucks for optimal loading convenience.

    The dimensions of Euro Pallets have even led to a standardization of the interior dimensions of trucks. In fact, when organizing transport, we speak of "pallets" on the floor, which represent the floor space.

    A sustainable solution

    The standard 1200x800x144 mm pallet contributes to the preservation of the environment and in particular to the circular economy. Raw material is required to manufacture the wood for these pallets. Since wood is repairable and recyclable, so are pallets. By repairing and reusing pallets, we participate in the effort to combat deforestation by reducing the number of trees that are harvested. We are certified to repair used pallets for a reason. Thus, we buy back unused pallets from individuals and professionals to repair them, give them a new life and minimize the destruction and waste of resources.

    Pooling system


    One of the major advantages of the Euro Pallet is that it is interchangeable within the European pallet pool. This logistics pool is a partnership between manufacturers, distributors and logistics service providers. It is a solution for pooling logistics resources and packaging between different players. This solution offers numerous advantages, such as optimizing transport and storage costs, reducing CO2 emissions and the risk of breakage at the customer's site. There is therefore a suitable solution for every customer who needs Euro Pallets.

    Questions about this blog regarding the EPAL Euro Pallets or other load carriers? Please contact us at [email protected] or 01777 322100.

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