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    Ben Boughtwood

    Which pallet do I need?

    There are many different types of pallets. It is not surprising that you have doubts when purchasing a pallet. We offer the right load carrier for every logistical challenge. Pallets are available in different material types. There are also differences in size and structure. Below we list our complete range so that you can make a well-considered choice when purchasing a pallet.

    plastic pallet

    Plastic pallets

    Plastic pallets are becoming increasingly popular. This is mainly because wooden pallets have become extremely expensive and there is an enormous scarcity. Many wooden pallets are temporarily or even out of stock for a longer period of time. A good alternative is to switch to plastic pallets.

    A plastic pallet is not the solution for every sector. The big advantage of plastic pallets is that these pallets are often made in one piece and are recyclable.
    In addition, these pallets have rounded corners, which leads to damage to the pallet less quickly.

    At Rotomshop UK we work with pallets that consist of PO (Polyolefins), PE (Polyethylene), PP (Polypropylene) or HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) plastic.

    PO plastic is mainly made from residual waste and is also a lot cheaper than other plastic.

    However, this material is not suitable for outdoor storage, use in damp areas or cleaning by means of water. The alternative to this material is PE plastic.

    PE plastic is the most commonly used plastic at the moment. This is mainly because this material has a good price/quality ratio.
    In addition, it is moisture-resistant and recyclable.

    PP plastic pallets also have a good price/quality ratio and can be stored in damp or wet environments.

    HDPE plastic is quite similar to the PE plastic pallet, because of the high density these pallets can take a beating better. With HDPE pallets, the material can also be made from completely new granulate, the material of this pallet is then HDPE Virgin. These pallets are approved for transport and storage in the food industry. In the Rotomshop range, blue labels have been added to our HDPE plastic pallet with ''for the food industry''. This makes it even easier to find a pallet that can be used in the food industry.

    Used pallets

    If you want to go sustainable, our used pallets category page is a good choice. These pallets are used several times and are therefore better for the environment.
    In addition, a used pallet is also cheaper to purchase than a new pallet. At Rotomshop we have a wide range of used pallets that all meet the quality guidelines. The pallets are also safe, suitable for long-term use and 100% functional for the logistics sector.

    Wooden pallets

    wooden pallet

    If your logistics process is not suitable for plastic or used pallets. We also have a wide range of wooden pallets.
    Keep in mind that wood is currently very scarce and expensive, so an alternative such as plastic isn't such a bad idea.

    Euro pallets

    In addition to ordinary wooden pallets, we also have well-known euro EPAL pallets.
    This pallet is a good choice if you want to go for a standard pallet with a collomodular size of 1200x800mm, which is strong and suitable for export.

                 block pallet

    Block pallets

    Block pallets are often used as storage means, an ideal pallet for the warehouse. This pallet has a collomodular size of 1200x1000mm.

    One-way pallets


    These one-time pallets are also called disposable pallets. It is not entirely fair that the pallet has been given this name because the pallet can be used several times for transport or storage.
    This pallet is strong and has various designs so that there is always a variant that is suitable for the logistics process.

    Chemical pallets

    The name says it all, chemical pallets. These pallets are suitable for the chemical industry, among others. But not all chemical pallets are the same. A clear distinction is made between different pallets. Below is an overview to make it easier to choose between these pallets.

    CP1 pallet: this pallet is often used for transporting bags and boxes. The size of this pallet is 1200x1000mm.

    CP2 pallet: the standard size of this pallet is 1200x800x138mm and is strong, which can be seen in particular by the dynamic load capacity of 1000 kg.

    CP3 pallet: with a size of 1140x1140, this is not the standard type of pallet. This chemical pallet is mainly used as a container pallet for the transport of goods in sea containers.
    In addition, this CP pallet is suitable for the transport and storage of barrels, octabins and Big Bags.

    CP4 pallet: this variant is mainly used for transporting bagged goods and has a size of 1300x1100mm.

    CP5 pallet: this pallet has a standard size of 1140x760mm. This model is also often used as a container pallet and is mainly used for transport in sea containers.

    CP6 pallet: just like the CP1 pallet, this pallet is often used for transporting bagged goods and boxes. The size is also like the CP1 pallet 1200x1000mm.
    The difference between these pallets is that the CP6 pallet has an all-around lower deck.

    CP7 pallet: this pallet is also suitable for transporting bagged goods. The lower deck of this is a cross deck which consists of 6 skids. The size of the pallet is just like the CP4 pallet 1300x1100mm.

    CP8 pallet: the outside size of this pallet is 1140x1140mm. The big difference with this pallet is that it has a large hole in the middle of the pallet.
    For example, Big Bags with bottom discharge can be placed on this pallet.

    CP9 pallet: the last chemical pallet also has a size of 1140x1140mm and is suitable for barrels, octabins and big bags.
    This variant has a cross deck and is a lot higher than the other pallets of this size.

    Display pallets

    The name display pallets say it all. Display pallets are mainly used to present products or goods in shops, showrooms or trade fairs. These pallets are available at Rotomshop UK in the dimensions 800x600mm and 600x400mm. These dimensions are also collomodular.

    Presswood Pallets

    wood fiber pallet

    Our glued or pressed pallets are also called presswood pallets . These pallets may not seem that strong, but nothing could be further from the truth. Wood fibre pallets are extremely strong and because the pallets are so light, the pallet is extremely suitable for export.

    In addition, these pallets are all stackable and nestable. The wood fibre pallets are not suitable for outdoor storage.

    Buy pallets at Rotomshop UK

    Have you found your ideal pallet for your logistics process? Super! At we try to deliver pallets from stock at all times. When the products are in stock, we can deliver within 2 working days. Didn't find your pallet completely, because the right material or size is not listed? That can happen. Let us know via [email protected] or via 01777 322100 and we will be happy to find a suitable pallet (or another load carrier) for your logistical challenge.

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