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    Why choose meat crates

    If you work in the meat processing industry, then a number of laws and regulations must be complied with when it comes to transporting and storing meat products. Specifically, when meat comes into direct contact with a crate or container, there must be no chance of contamination or contamination.

    Logically, the crates in which the meat is transported or stored must also meet a high standard and specific requirements. An important example of legislation can be found in Regulation (EU) No 10/2011. This contains the rules for the composition of plastic materials that come into contact with foodstuffs. There is also a list of permitted substances that may be used in production.

    To ensure that you comply with this legislation, it is wise to choose a so-called "meat crate" from the E-series. These have been specially developed with a view to the meat industry, to prevent contamination and to distribute contamination-sensitive food efficiently.

    Features E-series meat crates

    All meat crates from this series have a base size of 600 x 400 mm, the height being variable per type. They are of Euronorm format, or colomodular dimensions, which means that they can be stacked efficiently on load carriers that also meet the Euronorm dimensions. For example, they can be stacked on new or used H1 hygiene pallets of 1200 X 800 mm, where 4 can be stacked per layer.

    Some specifications of the E-series meat crates:
    • E1 meat crate: 600 x 400 x 125 mm
    • E2 meat crate: 600 x 400 x 200 mm
    • E3 meat crate: 600 x 400 x 300 mm
    • Made from food-grade virgin HDPE plastic
    • Open handles
    • Air holes on top, suitable for ventilation and cooling
    • Closed bottom and walls
    • Euronorm dimensions, easy to combine

    We carry the most popular meat crate format, the E-2 format. This format has sufficient capacity (40 liters) and is still easy to handle. Here you will find the availability and prices of our E-2 meat crates.

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