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    Ben Boughtwood

    Meat crates: An indispensable link for summer BBQs

    Summer is just around the corner: Time for BBQs and meat crates!

    With summer approaching and the BBQ season in full swing, it is important to have efficient logistics solutions in the meat processing industry. Transporting and storing meat products requires compliance with strict laws and regulations to prevent contamination and contamination. Meat crates play a crucial role in this. In this blog post we discuss why meat crates are indispensable in the logistical process to get meat from slaughterhouses and meat processing companies to the supermarkets, butchers and ultimately to the consumer on his or her BBQ and/or plate.

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    When to choose meat crates?

    If you work in the meat processing industry, you must comply with specific laws and regulations regarding the transport and storage of meat products. Especially when the meat comes into direct contact with a crate or container, it is essential that there is no chance of contamination or contamination. Meat crates that comply with European regulations offer a solution for this.

    What are E-Series meat crates?

    Crates in which meat is transported or stored must meet high standards and specific requirements in accordance with the legislation of Regulation (EU) No 10/2011. This legislation describes the rules for the composition of plastic materials that come into contact with food. In addition, there is a list of permitted substances that may be used in the production of meat crates.

    To ensure that you comply with this legislation, it is wise to opt for meat crates from the E-series. These crates have been specially developed for the meat industry to prevent contamination and efficiently distribute contaminated food. They have a ground size of 600x400mm and variable heights depending on the type of crate. These crates have a Euronorm format, which means that they can be efficiently stacked on load carriers that also meet the Euronorm dimensions, such as used or New H1 Hygiene Pallets of 1200x800mm.

    Features of E-series meat crates

    E-series meat crates have the following characteristics that make them ideal for the meat industry:


    • 1. Made of virgin HDPE plastic suitable for food
      The meat crates are made of high-quality HDPE plastic that is suitable for food. This material ensures that the meat can be transported and stored safely without risk of contamination.

    • 2. Open handles
      The crates are equipped with handy open handles making them easy to handle. This makes loading, unloading and transporting the crates efficient and user-friendly.

    • 3. Air holes at the top for ventilation and cooling
      To ensure the quality and freshness of the meat, the meat crates are equipped with air holes at the top. These air holes ensure sufficient ventilation and cooling during transport and storage.

    • 4. Closed bottom and walls The meat crates have a closed bottom and walls, which provides extra protection against dirt, dust and possible contamination. This ensures that the meat remains safe and hygienic during the logistics process.

    A meat crate is available in different models. These are the E1 meat crate of 600x400x125 mm, the E2 meat crate of 600x400x200mm and the E3 meat crate of 600x400x300 mm. At Rotomshop UK you will find the most popular meat crate size, the E2 format. This size has sufficient capacity (40 liters) and is still easy to handle.

    Other logistics resources for the food industry

    In addition to meat crates, Rotomshop UK also offers other logistics solutions for the food industry. For example, agri crates, also known as fruit crates, are ideal for companies active in the food sector. These crates are made from the same virgin HDPE material and can be in direct contact with food.

    Another indispensable tool in the food industry is Isothermal roll containers. These roll containers make it possible to transport products for which a controlled temperature is required. The inner and outer walls of these roll containers are made of one piece of plastic, which ensures easy maintenance and hygiene.

    Advice tailored to your applications

    At Rotomshop UK, we understand the specific needs of different sectors, including the food industry. With our many years of experience and expertise in logistics solutions, we are ready to offer you tailor-made targeted advice. Feel free to contact us via [email protected] or by phone on +44 01777 322100 and our dedicated team will be happy to help you.

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