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    Door transporter "Doorjack" - 1315x236x244mm, for hanging doorsMore information

    Door transporter "Doorjack" - 1315x236x244mm, for hanging doors

    Art#: 94094
    Door transporter Doorjack 1315x236x244 mm for relieving the work when hanging doors. With this door transporter you make it possible for 1 person to remove or place a door from the frame without having to lift heavy....More information
    • Weight is 7.6kg
    • 150kg Load Capacity
    • Occupational Health and Safety Technically Sound
    • For Standing and Lying Doors
    • In Stock Delivered In 3-4 Weeks

    Door transporter "Doorjack" 1315x236x244 mm

    Door transport for transporting, placing and hanging doors. The external dimensions of the "Doorjack" are 1315x236x244 mm. With the use of "Doorjack" you can lighten the work when hanging doors and this work can be done more easily by 1 person. A door transporter has never been so versatile because, in addition to transporting, hanging and removing doors, it can also be used for the lying or standing storage of doors. With "Doorjack" these stored doors can be moved directly to the workplace by 1 person. This door transporter is equipped with 2 pieces of Ø 200 mm castors at the front and 1 piece of Ø 100 mm castor at the rear so that it is easy to drive.

    The external dimensions are 1315x236x244 mm, and the base plate in which doors are placed has the size 300x84x82 mm. The weight is 7.6 kg and the maximum load capacity is 150 kg.

    Product specifications
    • Item Number (SKU): 94094
    • Length (mm): 1315
    • Width (mm): 236
    • Height (mm): 244
    • Material: Metal
    • Material Specification: -
    • Load Capacity (kg): 150
    • Base: Load Area is 300x82mm
    • Condition: New
    Shipping More info
    • Delivery Cost From: £25.99Excl. VAT
    • Free Delivery Over:£400.00Excl. VAT
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