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    Pallet - 1200x800x157mm, PP Plastic, Open Deck, 4000kg LoadMore information

    Pallet - 1200x800x157mm, PP Plastic, Open Deck, 4000kg Load

    Art#: 28230
    Sturdy euro format pallet with dimensions of 1200x800x157mm with an open upper deck and 2000kg carrying capacity. Thanks to double-layered walls, this pallet can take a beating. Ideal for use on conveyors and roller tracks....More information
    • Static Load is 4000kg
    • Made of Recycled PP Plastic
    • 3 skids
    • Suitable for pooling
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    Pallet of 1200x800x157mm - Recycled PP Plastic

    This robust pallet has dimensions of 1200x800x157mm (euro size) and is made of anthracite PP plastic, has an open deck and 3 skids. This combination makes it easy to clean and dry. This pallet is ideally suited for high rotation and handling, is resistant to impact and has double-walled blocks. In addition, it is ideal for use on assembly lines, roller conveyors and other automated systems.

    Blog tip: wood pallets vs plastic pallets

    Weight capacities and weights

    The following load capacities are important:

    • The static load capacity: 4000 kg
    • The dynamic load capacity: 2000 kg
    • The racking / high bay load capacity: 1000 kg
    • Own weight: 18 kg

    Plastic type of the pallet

    The PP (Polypropylene) plastic that makes up this pallet, unlike pallets made of PO (Polyolefins) plastic, is suitable for damp or even wet environments. This can of course be both indoor and outdoor use. This pallet has an open deck, which means that it can be easily cleaned through and through and dries relatively quickly. Ideal for, for example, the meat and fish processing industries or other environments where clean or hygienic working conditions are important. The temperature range of this type of plastic is -15°C to +55°C.

    Transport and storage

    The packaging and pallets are based on the collomodular Euro format (1200x800 mm). This ensures optimal use of space when used together for transport and storage. This pallet can be stacked per 15 in a standard truck which gives a stack size of 1200x800x2400 mm. This gives a total of 495 pieces per transport.

    Product specifications
    • Item Number (SKU): 28230
    • Length (mm): 1200
    • Width (mm): 800
    • Height (mm): 157
    • Weight (kg): 18
    • Material: Plastic
    • Material Specification: Recycled PP Plastic
    • Load Capacity (kg): Dynamic Load: 2000kg, Static Load: 4000kg
    • Design Feature: Extra Robust
    • Condition: New
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    • Free Delivery Over:£400.00Excl. VAT
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