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    Ben Boughtwood

    Display pallets - often used during busy peak months

    December is traditionally a major logistical challenge for various industries. The number of orders is increasing, while the number of people who have vacation plans also peaks. Flexible employees must therefore be hired on a regular basis, in order to be able to pick up all orders. It is a stressful time for all supermarkets, transport companies and warehouses.

    Logically, the demand for pallets increases enormously during this period. In particular display pallets, which are not only used as storage but also save a lot of time in terms of handling. This is of course extra advantageous in times when there is peak pressure and often a shortage of manpower!

    The fact that display pallets can save time on handling is not only due to the low own weight. The big advantage is that they can be placed directly from the truck with the load and already in a supermarket or other business, where the products will be displayed.

    display pallet export transport

    What is a display pallet?

    A display pallet measures 800x600 mm or 600x400 mm and therefore has a smaller size than the well-known Euro pallets, which are 1200x800 mm. This ensures that display pallets have relatively little weight.

    Plastic display pallets weigh less than wooden display pallets and are available at from a weight of only 1 kg.

    Düsseldorfer pallet - small strong pallet

    By the way, don't think that a display pallet has little bearing capacity. A display pallet with an extra high load capacity is the Düsseldorfer pallet. This little powerhouse has metal bobbins and can carry extra heavy loads. Our Düsseldorf pallets have a dynamic load capacity of no less than 1000 kg!

    Display pallet features:

    • 800x600mm or 600x400mm
    • Often used in shops and retail as a display unit
    • Lightweight


    Questions about this blog about display pallets or other matters regarding load carriers or the service we offer as Logistiekonline? Please contact us via [email protected] or 01777 322100. We are happy to assist you!

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