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At Rotomshop we offer various solutions to store and transport furniture (or other items with a large volume). A good example of this is our corlette, spacious transport carts that can be stacked in case of storage but can also provide internal transport in a warehouse. The corlettes provide protection for sensitive and valuable goods, such as sofas or chairs.

Corlettes are a great solution for goods that do not easily fit on a pallet. An additional advantage is that once the goods (this can be furniture such as sofas or chairs, but also boxes, or other items of large volume) once on a corlette, tools such as pallet trucks are no longer needed to transport them internally within a warehouse.

The universal corlettes are specially intended for transport in a truck, where they can be placed two by two in width against each other for extra stability. These corlettes can therefore first be used as storage in a warehouse, where they can be stacked up to 3 high, then as internal transport in the warehouse and then on transport in a truck, without the goods having to be stacked over.

Corlettes for Transport and Storage 

Corlettes provide protection for sensitive and valuable goods. The storage roll containers are often used in the furniture industry, but can also be used in, for example, the postal and parcel industry. These containers are versatile and space-saving. Empty or during (return) transport, the corlettes can easily be folded and nested in an L-shape. In addition, the specially shaped side frames allow you to stack several corlettes on top of each other within your warehouse. 

Specifications corlettes

Rotomshop supplies corlettes in various shapes and sizes. The length of the storage roll containers ranges from 1200mm to 2500mm and the width ranges from 800mm to 1150mm. The height varies between 1800 mm and 1850 mm. The load capacity of the corlettes is 600 or 800 kilograms. 

Product range containers

Our product range is not limited to corlettes, are you looking for a different roll container variant? Rotomshop also supplies anti-theft roll containers for theft-sensitive products or, for example, laundry cages for hotels and healthcare. View our complete and extensive range of roll containers here.  

More information about roll containers

Would you like to learn more about what to look for when buying a roll container? Then we would like to refer you to our blog What do you consider when purchasing a roll container? "

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If you are interested in buying roll containers or other load carriers, you can order them directly on our webshop. If you have any questions or would like to purchase a larger quantity, please contact us via  [email protected]  or via +01777 322100 for a quote.