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    Ben Boughtwood

    Everything About Fruit Crates and Agri Crates

    Now that the first harvests are being done, Fruit and Agri Crates are also appearing again. These crates are indispensable in the chain. A distinction can be made between wooden and plastic crates. We are happy to explain Rotomshop UK's choice of plastic and its advantages on the basis of practical examples.

    Advantages of Fruit Crates

    The choice for plastic fruit crates stems from the fact that the HDPE plastic is completely water-resistant. By this, we mean that the plastic is not affected by water and therefore has no loss of quality. It's different with wood; Wood is porous and, in addition to water, can also 'absorb' fungi and bacteria, which the fruit and vegetables then come into contact with. This is far from ideal and can be prevented by using plastic that cannot be attacked by fungi and bacteria. HDPE meets these requirements and is, therefore, a very suitable raw material for agricultural crates.

    The fact that all our fruit crates are perforated also means that sand and other excess material can be rinsed off directly in the crate itself. The water drains through holes in the bottom and side of the crate. Because our crates are made of HDPE plastic, they can withstand temperatures of up to 80°C. This is convenient when you want to clean the crates extra well and ready for a new harvest. The crate is therefore immediately part of a simple filtration system. An additional advantage is that the harvest can be aired immediately to reduce the risk of mould so that the whole reaches the (super)market in optimal condition and can be safely consumed.

    In fruit growing, in particular, we see that many plastic crates are used, especially for smaller fruit. Fruit is generally more fragile and is therefore collected in less high plastic containers or crates than vegetables. By 'stacking' less, the bottom fruits are not crushed under the weight of the fruit above. For example, the harvest of apples, pears, berries and cherries is kept intact as much as possible.

    fruit crates agri crates vegetable crates plastic crates

    Combining Fruit Crates with other load carriers

    Many of our customers use our fruit crates for purposes other than harvesting. For example, they are also extremely suitable for organising and categorising products (small goods) in distribution centres and storage locations. Because the crates are provided with holes and gripping openings, you always have insight into what is in the bins at that moment and you can easily reach it. Our Danish Plant Trolleys are excellent for storing three fruit crates side by side, up to five rows high. This way you can create a mobile storage system for up to 15 crates and you can use the storage space and your time efficiently. Even our 'small' Danish trolley can easily accommodate 8 full crates. Of course, other roll containers than Danish trolleys are also suitable for the transport of crates. View our full range of roll containers for additional inspiration.

    Because our crates are stackable, you can also choose to use a suitable dolly to facilitate internal transport in a practical way. If you opt for a plastic dolly, you also opt for the advantages of being water-resistant and therefore washable. We even offer food-grade HDPE dollies with a HACCP certificate; a smart choice that we wholeheartedly encourage for use in the food industry or other sectors where hygiene is paramount.

    Finally, in addition to Danish trolleys and dollies, there are also special hand trucks available with which, in addition to our fruit crates and vegetable crates, distribution containers and other plastic containers are also transported. These hand trucks have a straight 'back' with flattened tubes, which keeps your stack of crates stable while moving. In addition, an extra-wide base provides additional stability. This way, your load remains neatly stacked on the trolley.

    fruit crates danish cart hand truck


    Questions about this blog about fruit crates and Agri crates or other matters regarding load carriers or the service we offer as Rotomshop UK? Please contact us via [email protected] or 01777 322100. We are happy to assist you!

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