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    Ben Boughtwood

    Order picking trolley – which trolley for which sector?

    Anyone who has ever stood in a warehouse knows that a warehouse trolley is an indispensable aid when picking goods. Now it is not the case that every industry or sector uses the same type of order picking trolley (picking trolley).

    Here we highlight a few different types of order picking trolleys and indicate in which sectors and for which type of products they can be used.

    Especially now that busy months are approaching for many companies, such as the increasingly popular Black Friday at the end of November and of course Sinterklaas and Christmas in December, choosing the right picking trolley can make all the difference in a busy warehouse.

    Display roll containers for order picking and display

    This is a real all-around container that can be used both for collecting orders and for displaying products. This mesh roll container with shelves is especially useful in industries where it is first used to pick orders, then as a means of transport in a truck and finally, as a display means in (food-related) retail or supermarkets. In contrast to the Danish trolley, the display roll container has 3 sides, which offers extra protection during transport in a truck and ensures that this container (in general) has a higher load capacity.

    roll container order picking warehouse

    Recommended industries for display roll container use:

    • Convenience store
    • Liquor store
    • drugstore
    • cheese farmer
    • greengrocer

    Order picking trolley for horticulture and nurseries – Danish cart

    The horticultural sector has had a cart for picking orders in the form of the Danish cart for many years. Pots can be placed on wide shelves when picking orders. If desired, the shelves can be tilted to display the same plants at, for example, a horticultural centre. This cart can therefore not only be used for order picking, but also as a storage/display means.

    Danish cart shelves order picking

    Recommended branches for using the Danish trolley:

    • Horticulture
    • Nursery (fruit, bulbs, trees)
    • Garden centre
    • flower shop
    • Flower auction

    Order picking trolley with (Euronorm) containers

    Unlike the Danish trolley and the display roll container, these order picking trolleys are purely intended for picking orders and products in warehouses. This type of order picking trolley comes at including accessories such as a scanner basket, a basket for general use and a hanger for a bag and bumpers to prevent damage. A specialist vehicle for collecting orders.

    order pick roll container

    Recommended industries for picking trolley use

    • Stockroom
    • Distribution Center
    • Wholesale


    View our webshop for our total range of roll containers for order picking and other logistics aids. Our range also includes laundry containers, furniture corlettes and many other specialist trolleys for collecting items. Do you have any questions or would you like a quote? You can reach us via [email protected] or by calling 01777 322100.

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