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    Corlette Universal Furniture Cart - 2000x1150x1850mm - 800kgMore information

    Corlette Universal Furniture Cart - 2000x1150x1850mm - 800kg

    Art#: 49110
    Collapsible and stackable Corlette storage furniture roll container with dimensions of 2000x1150x1850mm. This roll container has a U-profile with integrated stacking claws and is suitable for transport in trucks....More information
    • For storage and transport of furniture
    • Collapsible
    • Stackable
    • Weight is 114 kg

    Furniture Corlette Cart - 1200x1150x1850mm - 800kg

    Storage roll container, furniture corlette type with a dimension of 1200 x 1150 x 1850 mm. The internal dimensions are 1120 x 1100 x 1615 mm. The container can be used, for example, for storing and transporting furniture, but also for other large items.

    This roll container is suitable for transport in trucks, where the corlettes can be placed 2 by 2 in width against each other for extra stability.

    The container has a mesh wall with holes of 50 x 100 mm.

    The roll container has specially shaped side frames so that several can be stacked on top of each other. A maximum of three pieces can be stacked, whereby the lower container can carry a maximum of 1000 kg, so a load of 1000 kg.

    The bottom of the roll container has a chipboard base of 16 mm thickness and is fitted with polyamide (PA) plastic castors, with a diameter of 125 mm. One of the wheels has a directional lock, to make driving straight ahead easy if desired.

    The storage roll container, with its own weight of 96 kg, is nestable in an L-shape, making it space-saving to store.

    If you want to learn more about our corlette, it might be helpful to read our blog with information about the corlette furniture!

    Product specifications
    • Item Number (SKU): 49110
    • Length (mm): 2000
    • Width (mm): 1150
    • Height (mm): 1850
    • Material: Metal / Chipboard Base
    • Load Capacity (kg): 800
    • Condition: New
    Shipping More info
    • Delivery Cost From: £59.99Excl. VAT
    • Free Delivery Over:£400.00Excl. VAT
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