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    Pallet - 1100x1100x140mm, PO Plastic, Nestable, 4000kg LoadMore information

    Pallet - 1100x1100x140mm, PO Plastic, Nestable, 4000kg Load

    Art#: 28128
    Plastic display pallet with dimensions 1100x1100x140mm for heavy loads and a weight of 11kg. The pallet is nestable with a lower deck consisting of 9 feet and an open, gridded upper deck....More information
    • Static load 4000kg
    • Made of PO Plastic
    • Nestable
    • 9 Feet
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    Plastic pallet 1100x1100x140mm - PO plastic.

    This black plastic display pallet of 1100x1100x140mm is with its 11kg relatively light. Nevertheless, this pallet can carry 1500kg dynamically and 4000kg statically. In addition, this pallet has a raised edge to reduce the risk of the load sliding off. Plastic pallets are very suitable for use on conveyor belts because of their precise dimensions and small error margin. The low weight means that this pallet can also be used in the aviation sector.

    Blog tip: wood pallets vs plastic pallets

    Plastic pallet type

    Pallets made of PO (Polyolefins) plastic have a relatively low weight and have an excellent price/quality ratio. The material gives a smooth, glossy black finish. PO plastic consists of recycled materials and therefore has a lower impact on the environment. PO is less suitable for use in damp or wet environments and should therefore not be stored outdoors; pallets made of HDPE and PP plastic are the right alternative. The temperature range of this type of plastic is 0°C to +55°C.

    Nestable plastic pallet

    This pallet is nestable because it has legs rather than runners. This nestable pallet can be stacked up to 108 pieces. This gives a stack size of 1100x1100x2420mm. Due to the fact that the pallet has legs instead of skids, it cannot be placed in a rack.

    Product specifications
    • Item Number (SKU): 28128
    • Length (mm): 1100
    • Width (mm): 1100
    • Height (mm): 140
    • Weight (kg): 11
    • Material: Plastic
    • Material Specification: PO Plastic
    • Load Capacity (kg): Dynamic Load: 1500kg, Static Load: 4000kg
    • Design Feature: Nestable, 9 Legs
    • Condition: New
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    • Free Delivery Over:£400.00Excl. VAT
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