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    Ben Boughtwood

    Corlettes - furniture containers for storage and transport

    Roll containers and warehouse trolleys form the backbone of internal transport in a warehouse or storage depot. Some warehouse trolleys have very specific applications, while others are widely applicable. Earlier we already explained about types of warehouse trolleys and their applications and we also explained the versatile Danish trolley in particular.

    The corlette is a furniture cart that can be used in many ways for the transport and storage of furniture and other items with a large volume.

    corletten furniture cart

    Basically, this is a stackable and nestable roll container with space for large items with a lot of volumes. Ideal also for internal transport, for example, furniture such as sofas and chairs. Due to the large loading space on a corlette, you can of course also use it for the transport of other items with a large volume.

    Corlette “Standard” - Stackable Container Storage

    Furniture corlettes have multiple uses. The standard furniture corlette from is more than just a means of transport. You can also stack this standard corlette in a warehouse. This way you ensure flexible extra storage in your warehouse where you can store goods efficiently. A standard corlette thus combines two functions in one: internal transport and warehouse storage.

    Corlette “universal” - for transport in a truck

    In addition to the standard furniture corlettes, Rotomshop UK also has the universal furniture corlette in its range. Just like the standard version, these are suitable for internal transport and storage in a warehouse.

    In addition to these two functions, the universal corlette has a third: it is specifically designed to be effectively transported in a truck. It is extra sturdy and built in such a way that it can be placed 2 by 2 in width against each other in a truck and can thus be driven stably.

    By combining storage, internal transport and transport in a truck, the universal furniture corlette fulfils 3 different functions. The great advantage of this is that there is no need to transfer from a storage device in a warehouse to a warehouse trolley and then again to, for example, a roll container or a pallet.

    Corlettes are nestable

    All corlettes on are L-shaped nestable. So when a furniture corlette is not in use, it can be nested to save space. This saves space in a warehouse and on return transport, where the empty furniture corlettes can be nested in the truck.

    Furniture trolleys - large assortment has several of these multifunctional furniture carts in its range. We offer corlettes in different sizes as standard corlette and universal corlette. The corlettes are also available with a regular wall or as a corlette with a fine mesh wall.


    View our webshop for our total product range.

    Questions about this blog or about corlettes and furniture carts or other matters regarding load carriers or the service we offer as Rotomshop? Please contact us via [email protected] or 01777 322100. We are happy to assist you!

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