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Euro Pallet - 1200x800x144mm, EPAL, Wood, 1500kg Load, Used, Grade B
Euro Pallet - 1200x800x144mm, EPAL, Wood, 1500kg Load, Used, Grade BArt#: 11810U
    Carrying weight:
    £11.25£13.50 Incl. VAT
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    Euro Pallet - 1200x800x144mm, EPAL, Wood, 1500kg Load, Used, Grade A
    Euro Pallet - 1200x800x144mm, EPAL, Wood, 1500kg Load, Used, Grade AArt#: 11820U
      Carrying weight:
      £13.35£16.02 Incl. VAT
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      Euro Pallet - 1200x800x144mm, EPAL, Wood, 1500kg Load
      Euro Pallet - 1200x800x144mm, EPAL, Wood, 1500kg LoadArt#: 11852HTKD
        Carrying weight:
        £18.25£21.90 Incl. VAT
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        Euro Pallets with EPAL Quality Mark

        Euro pallets with the EPAL quality mark are the standard in the logistics sector. Do you need new EPAL euro pallets for logistics purposes? Then you have come to the right place at Rotomshop UK. Euro pallets are the best known and most widely used pallets in Europe. An EPAL euro pallet is a wooden pallet with specific dimensions and properties defined by the European Pallet Association.

        Our Range of Euro Wooden Pallets

        Rotomshop UK offers:

        Used EPAL Euro Pallets - Grade A

        Used EPAL Euro pallets -Grade B

        New EPAL Euro pallets

        All our wooden Euro pallets are suitable for long-term, safe storage and transport of all your goods and products. We supply new pallets that meet the quality guidelines of EPAL. All EPAL Euro pallets have a standard size of 1200x800 mm, are equipped with 3 bridges, have a load capacity of up to 1500 kg and have 4 entrances for a forklift. Because Euro pallets are made of thick and sturdy wooden planks, they are particularly suitable for heavy loads that you have to transport with a forklift.

        In addition to Euro pallets with EPAL certificates, Rotomshop also offers various other Euro-sized pallets of 1200x800 mm made of wood, plastic and wood fibre.

        Euro Pallets Collomodular System

        Standard pallet sizes are collomodular. This means that all other products and packaging that are also made according to the collomodular system make optimal use of space when used together. There are two commonly used collomodular pallet sizes: the EPAL Euro pallet (1200x800 mm) and the block pallet (1200x1000 mm).

        pallet size euro pallet block pallet

        Heat treatment EPAL euro pallets mandatory for export

        Are you going to use the pallets for export outside the European Union? Then they must have undergone a heat treatment. In our own drying rooms, we can give wooden pallets a heat treatment in accordance with the ISPM-15 directives, so that they can be used for export to countries outside the European Union. Are you interested in pallets that meet the requirements of the European Pallet Association and do you need more information or do you want to buy several pallets? Please feel free to contact us for a quote.

        Buy Euro Pallets online is the most logical choice in terms of a webshop for the logistics sector. We have everything you need for your organization in one place. New pallets, but also used pallets that still function are essential for transport. That is why you can of course buy them at We think it is important that the pallets are of quality and therefore check them before they leave the house. Besides the fact that you can buy EPAL euro pallets from us, we also have pallet collars and other means and accessories for better transport or storage of products and goods.

        If you are interested in buying Euro Pallets or other load carriers, you can order them directly on our webshop. If you have any questions or would like to purchase a larger quantity of Euro Wooden Pallets, please contact us via [email protected]  or via 01777 322100 for a quote.