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    Pallet PSP80120 - 1200x800x135mm, Presswood, ISPM 15, 900kg LoadMore information

    Pallet PSP80120 - 1200x800x135mm, Presswood, ISPM 15, 900kg Load

    Art#: 18806
    Wood fibre export pallet according to ISPM15 regulations with heavy load capacity and low own weight. The load capacity is 900 kg. Wood fibre pallets are extremely suitable for export by air freight....More information
    • 900kg Dynamic Load
    • 2700kg Static Load
    • ISPM15 Compliant for Export
    • Nestable
    • In Stock Delivered In 3-4 Weeks
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    Wood fiber pallet 1200x800x135 mm - ISPM 15, 900 kg

    Wood fibre pallet "PSP80120 E2" with dimensions 1200x800x135 mm. This pallet is nestable and thus saves space and costs during storage and transport when they are not loaded. The "PSP80120 E2" variant has a weight of 11.5 kg, the pallet has a dynamic load capacity of 900 kg and a static load capacity of 2700 kg with an even distribution of the load. Wood fibre pallets are immediately ready for export, they are often used for export because the own weight of the pallet must be as low as possible, such as in air freight. The wood fibre pallets have a light own weight and this is therefore fairly unique because it has a relatively high load capacity.

    Wood fibre pallets are nestable, nesting the pallets can save up to 60% of space. In addition, storage costs and transport costs are lower thanks to the space-saving capacity. The design features a 4-way structure, allowing pallets and forklifts to approach and lift the pallet from 4 sides.

    The pallet has 9 legs and a closed deck. Thanks to the weight distribution and the closed upper deck, this pallet is suitable for the transport and storage of all shapes and sizes of products.

    50 pieces of "PSP80120 E2" pallets can be placed on a pallet, the total dimensions of the stack are then 1200x800x2200 mm.

    Packaging and pallets based on the collomodular Euro format (1200x800 mm) ensure optimal use of space when used together in transport and storage.

    In our blog 'The Guide To Buying Pallets' you can find more information about the different types of pallets we offer! It describes the characteristics per type of pallet and their specific advantages and disadvantages.

    Product specifications
    • Item Number (SKU): 40099
    • Length (mm): 1200
    • Width (mm): 800
    • Height (mm): 135
    • Weight (kg): 11.5
    • Material: Wood
    • Material Specification: Molded Wood Fibre
    • Load Capacity (kg): Dynamic Load - 900kg, Static Load - 2700kg
    • Design Feature: Nestable
    • Condition: New
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    • Free Delivery Over:£400.00Excl. VAT
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